TOP 10 Hotel Booking Websites 2023

When it comes to travel planning, the best strategy for finding the cheapest hotel deal is to compare prices from multiple sources. An overwhelming choice of websites, all claiming to have the best accommodation offers, does not make the task of finding top deals any easier.

If you’re trying to figure out where to find the best hotel rates, take a look at this handy list - tested and reviewed by our travel experts.

1. Ratepunk

Best Overall

Ratepunk: Same Hotel Way Cheaper

  • Traveling
  • Shopping

Whenever you browse hotels on your favorite booking site, RatePunk extension scans the top booking sites and pops up to show you a price comparison for the same room, so you always get the cheapest option.



  • Genius program to maximize savings
  • Wide variety of hotels and apartments
  • Frequent sales and extra discounts
  • Cash incentives for loyal members
  • Great last minute offers


Rating Bad

Based on 35,602 reviews

3. Agoda

  • Offers competitive prices
  • Change room during stay to save more
  • Hostel & private home options
  • Coupons & insider deals
  • Simple booking process


Rating Poor

Based on 34,634 reviews

4. Expedia

  • Hotel, flight, package & car rental deals
  • Offers payment plans for bookings
  • Points rewards program
  • Excellent last minute deals
  • Easy to navigate website


Rating Bad

Based on 6,352 reviews


  • Secret deals for extra savings
  • Free night when you complete 10 stays
  • Extra perks for silver & gold status members
  • Best price guarantee & pricematch


Rating Bad

Based on 6,922 reviews


  • Often offers the lowest prices
  • Member reward system
  • Simple booking process
  • Service guarantee policy
  • Excellent customer service


Rating Average

Based on 23,422 reviews

7. Priceline

  • VIP member program
  • Special boutique hotel pricing
  • Extra savings with Pricebreaker tool
  • Huge discounts with Express Deals


Rating Great

Based on 89,973 reviews

8. Travelocity

  • Best price guarantee
  • Transparent pricing shows taxes & fees
  • Expedia owned, trusted brand
  • Hotel popularity index for top hotels
  • Smart Deals indicate highly rated hotels at good prices


Rating Bad

Based on 8,409 reviews

9. Orbitz

  • Earn cashback on travel
  • Vast promo code availability
  • Easy toggle for package deals
  • LGBTQ friendly hotel filtering
  • Insider pricing


Rating Bad

Based on 934 reviews

10. RoomsOnSale

  • Recently launched brand new service
  • Offers wholesale prices
  • Low or no comission
  • The most competitive prices


Rating Great

Based on 3 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is this list curated?

This list evaluated all hotel deal providers that met certain criteria. All websites were judged on multiple factors such as deals offered, value for money, user experience, user reviews and many more.

Why aren't some of the biggest OTAs on the list?

This website reflects top accommodation & vacation rental deal providers, and popularity and user base plays its part. Althoug smaller OTA's often have a competitive advantage, so it’s always best to compare prices between all providers.

What is your expertise?

We are an indepent collective of travel agents, travel business professionals and experienced travelers.

I have never heard of these websites

We wanted to include some smaller and lesser-known brands to raise awareness of alternative options available to those looking for hotel deals.


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